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Recommended Books for Beginners

Project Management Step-by-Step. Project management can seem like a daunting endeavor to the untrained and uninitiated. This book clearly explains the basics of implementing a project management model and encourages critical thinking about how project management can help a company accomplish its business objectives.

Offering clear, concise explanations of different project phases, Project Management Step-by-Step also includes six case studies—positive and negative, real and fictional—that show clearly how project management works in the real world. The clear, accessible text is augmented with discussion questions, exercises, diagrams, charts, and a comprehensive glossary. Project Management Step-by-Step is an incisive and complete guide—truly a perfect introduction to project management.  Learn more...

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Instructor's Guide also available

Improving Your Project Management Skills Improving Your Project Management Skills Based on the very popular American Management Association project management seminar, this book is both a practical reference for beginners and a handy refresher for seasoned professionals. The book covers all the major areas taught in the seminar: defining project scope, planning and budgeting, scheduling, implementation, project closure, and more.

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Recommended Books

Improving Your Project Management Skills by Larry RichmanImproving Your Project Management Skills.

American Management Association.

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